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See the game of Gaga Ball being played on a YouTube® Video:

And, see the game being played with 2 balls in the pit…double the fun!

A fun game with the kids A geated game of gaga ball
Great fun for kids of all ages! Competitive for any age!
Kids watching Gaga balll Adults at play
Always draws a crowd at schools! Always a great workout!
Octagon 30H with cutouts 30H Octagon
Octagon 30H with 'cut-outs'. The templates and instructions to make these cut-outs are free upon request with your Gaga Ball Pit order. Octagon 30H with 2 x 10 x 8 boards. Excellent for larger crowds! About 20' across wall to wall, and 22' corner to corner
Octagon 24 inch high Octagon 24H
Octagon 24H with 2 x 12 x 8 boards. Octagon 24H with plywood walls for fast portability. Takes only about 10 minutes to set up.
Gagaball Pit at ACS Hex 24 and Oct 24 side-by-side
ACA Show (American Camp Association)- A complete Hexagon30H was set up at the show and got lots of activity, and fierce competition!! Hexagon24H with 2 x 12 x 10’ boards (in front) and an Octagon24H with plywood walls (in back). These were set up at the County Fairgrounds for a Holiday Party, and what a hit they were!
Hex 24H with 2x12 boards Hex 24H with 8' plywood walls
Hexagon 24H set up with 2” x 12” x 10’ boards- this is 17’ across from wall to wall. Hexagons reduce the number of brackets and boards needed, resulting in a savings of money and time. You still get the absolute full effect of Gaga Ball in a Hexagon Pit! Hexagon 24H set up with 8’ Plywood walls- cut down the center- (24” height). This is approximately 14 ½’ across. Perfect for smaller crowds and where space is limited. This is the ultimate in portability. Set-up time is a just a few minutes.
Four models Set up of plywood walls
Our 4 current models provide you with choices on how you want your Gaga Ball Pit to be set up. Make it larger, smaller, more portable, or more permanent. Contact us with any questions regarding the best fit for your application. Plywood Walls are fast and easy to set up if you want ultimate portability. Optional- Reinforce the walls with 1” x 2”s for added strength.
Crushed Limestone fill in pit Outside corner detail
When placing on the grass, you can add materials such as crushed limestone, sand, wood chips other materials. The fasteners are included with your purchase of the Gaga Ball Pit Bracket System. We supply ‘Stainless Steel Acorn Nuts’ that are rounded on the outside surface, so there’s no sharp edges to worry about.
Adjustable base feet Gaga Balls
Optional Adjustable Base Feet for uneven surfaces, and used for protecting surfaces such as gym floors. We now supply Gaga Balls! These are the 9”-10” lightweight vinyl- bouncy balls. They work best for Gaga because they don’t hurt, even when hit hard. And, they practically eliminate the commonly known Gaga Knuckle injury because of better accuracy when hitting the ball. We supply them for about the same price as you will find at your local stores, so if we can save you a trip, then please be sure to order as many as you need.
Camp Maclean Camp Maclean
2x the fun at your camp with 2 Octagon 30H™ Models Easy to build with the Coach Cliff’s™ system!
AAM Party AAM Party
Portable set-ups with the Octagon 24H™ with plywood walls. Corporate picnics and other social events are more fun with Gaga Ball! Is this some strange crop circle, (AKA ‘CROP-AGON’), or is that really from just a few hours of Gaga Ball games??
Cliff with Hex 30H pit At IAHPERD show
'Coach Cliff' standing by a Hexagon30H at the ACA Show... waiting for a Gaga game to start?? Our most portable model (Hexagon 24H with plywood walls) was set up at an Illinois Conference for P.E. Teachers. This model is excellent for fast set-ups such as P.E. classes, youth nights, parties etc. Takes about 5 minutes to set up and to take down. Can fit up to about 15-20 players. (Also, the Octagon 24H with plywood walls is just as portable, but with 2 added walls, and will fit about 30 players more or less.)
Hex 24H with accessories Portability Bracket System
Hexagon 24H with Wall Top Covers, Portability Brackets, and Adjustable Base Feet. This is an excellent portable model that takes just a few minutes to set up and take down. Simply attach/detach 2 hand knobs per wall. Works with the Octagon 24H too! Fast and Easy to spin the knobs off the Portability Bracket System. Great for P.E., Youth Group Nights, Party Set-ups and much more.
Stadium Gaga ! Demo size Gaga Ball Pit
Serious Gaga Ball Competition at YMCA Camp Gorham!!
Welcome to the ‘Gorham Coliseum 2012’
Built by Coach Cliff  December 15, 2012
Overall length wall to wall: Just under 4 feet
Height: 30” (Hexagon 30H with three 2” x 10” x 2’ boards per wall)
Used for trade shows and for novelty picture taking at shows and other events


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