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What is Gaga Ball?

GaGa Ball is believed to have originated in Israel, and slowly spread across the U.S. over several decades. Ga means "hit" or "touch" in Hebrew. In the rules of GaGa ball, the ball must touch the ground two times before it is considered in play, hence the name. GaGa Ball consists of a lightweight bouncy or foam ball and an octagon enclosure known as the "GaGa Ball Pit." The object of the game is to hit the ball at or below opponents' knees to eliminate them from the pit. The last one left in the GaGa Ball Pit is the winner.

What makes GaGa Ball great is that kids of any size, age, or athletic ability can play and have the same chance to win as anybody else. Games generally last only a few minutes, and eliminated players are back in the action quickly. Once a player is out, they can have as much fun watching and cheering while the other players finish off the game. Then, a new game starts all over, and you're back in action again!

Kid playing Gaga Ball

About Coach Cliff

Coach Cliff first discovered his passion for GaGa Ball at a daddy/daughter campout. He was amazed that kids of all ages and their parents could participate in a game that had lots of movement and exercise, while maintaining great competition, fun and excitement for everyone involved.

As a game that's great for any group size and skill level, Coach Cliff saw GaGa Ball as a way to bring parents, kids and communities together.

So, why didn't GaGa Ball become more popular sooner? Well, not everyone was familiar with the game in the United States. And even if they were, building their own GaGa pit from scratch would be a challenge for most Do-It-Yourselfers.

Coach Cliff knew there had to be a way to spread his knowledge and excitement of GaGa Ball with people all over the world. He went to work designing and creating a durable, portable and affordable bracket system, along with easy-to-follow instructions that make a GaGa Ball Pit simple to build. And he pulled together a preferred set of basic rules as a good starting point for quickly learning GaGa Ball. They're simple enough for everyone to learn and allow players to add their own variations as they become more familiar with the game.

"There's no other recreational activity that creates the same excitement, enthusiasm and good-natured fun," says Coach Cliff. That's why he's made it his business to become the GaGa Ball 'Coach', or expert, and the most dependable source for all things GaGa Ball. Want to know more? Give Coach Cliff a call. He'll answer your questions and talk with you about building your pit, what materials to use, game rules or ideas on how to get one in your community. Because, if there's anything he loves as much as playing GaGa Ball, it's helping others get involved in GaGa Ball and sharing the passion.

Brackets and Accessories

Illustrated Pit

Explore our GaGa Ball Pits!
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Coach Cliff's GaGa Ball Pits are solid and durable for either outdoor or indoor use. Easy-to-follow instructions make building your GaGa Ball Pit a fun exercise in camaraderie and teamwork. Hundreds of Scout troops, Youth Groups, Classrooms and others have made it their fundraising project to purchase a GaGa Ball Pit and build it together as a team for their communities. Coach Cliff’s GaGa Ball Pits are sprouting up every where, in schoolyards, backyards, at camps, retreat centers, indoor facilities…wherever kids and young adults play.

Gaga Ball Pits Wall Top Cover


Wall top covers provide a softer top edge to pit walls and used to cover any rough spots on the lumber surface. Made of durable UV protected Polyethylene. Includes zip ties for attaching and easy to follow instructions.

Gaga Ball Pits Carpet Squares


These gently used 18"x18" carpet squares have a slightly tacky bottom. Choose to put one under each corner bracket to help protect your playing surface.

Quick Connect Kit


For those who need a portable GaGa Ball Pit solution for PE class, day camp, youth group events, etc. when set-up and take down happens frequently. The kit makes it easier and faster to attach/detach the walls without using tools. Designed for use with plywood or 1"x 10"or 1"x 12" lumber walls.

Coach Cliff's®   Official Rules


Set of Coach Cliff’s Official Rules signed by Coach Cliff.
8.5"x11" printed & laminated, or 11"x17" metal version.

30H Gaga Ball Pit Cut-Out Template


All 30H pits come with a cut-out template and instructions should you want to add easy access in and out of your pit. Templates for 24H are available upon request.

Wood Gaga Ball Pit


You purchase the lumber locally. This helps to keep your overall project costs down.


If you need an alternative to wood, we offer structural composite lumber at a discounted price when ordered with our bracket systems. Hit 'Learn More' to view color options and an example of pricing.

Gaga Ball Pit Patented Corner Brackets


Coach Cliff's GaGa Ball Pit bracket system is uniquely designed to save you time and money when choosing to build one on your own or considering a pre-fabricated option. The UV protected, powder coated steel brackets create the correct angles to align the wood pit walls - making assembly easy! Available in Hunter Green. Octagon 30H model offers a variety of fun colors.


Soft-nylon bottom, 3” height, adjustable base feet attach to the base of the GaGa Ball Pit bracket to protect floors, carpet, decks and more. Two needed per bracket.

ADA Doorway Kit

ADA Doorway Kit

Make your Coach Cliff’s GaGa Ball Pit accessible to everyone that wants to play and join the fun. Coach Cliff's ADA Doorway Kit is available for either of the 30H models and is offered in our most popular color: Hunter Green. It's easy to attach to your new or existing Coach Cliff's GaGa Ball Pit.

Gaga Ball Pit Balls


Soft, lightweight 8” Bouncy Balls provide just the right weight, bounce and speed. Best for GaGa Ball!

Pick a Perfect GaGa Ball Pit.
First Choose a Pit Shape.

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Octagon 30H

Our most popular and largest size GaGa Ball Pit – Octagon 30H!

The difference between the 30H and the 24H is height (30” or 24”). Each size allows for 8ft or 10ft wood length depending on how wide you would like your GaGa Ball Pit. All Octagon bracket systems come with 8 corner brackets, drill hole template, fasteners and assembly instructions.

*Must purchase wood separately from local store unless using structural composite lumber.

Hexagon 30H

Our Hexagon models are great for smaller crowds and available space.

The difference between the 30H and the 24H is height (30" or 24" respectively). Each size allows for the option of 8ft or 10ft wood length depending on how wide you would like your GaGa Ball Pit. All Hexagon bracket systems come with 6 corner brackets, drill hole template, fasteners and assembly instructions.

*Must purchase wood separately from local store unless using structural composite lumber.

Next Select Your Wood Option


Our suggestion for wood is to purchase 8ft or 10ft treated or untreated lumber boards. Plywood can also be used for more portable set ups.

Reminder: Wood needs to be purchased from your local home improvement store or lumber yard.

*TIP: If using untreated lumber or plywood, have fun painting and staining your own design.

Composite Lumber

An alternative option to wood that is virtually free from splintering, warping, sagging and rotting, we offer our Coach Cliff customers a discount on structural composite lumber. This recycled plastic lumber product is manufactured from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), ultraviolet stabilizers, colorants and fiberglass strands to increase rigidity. Available in a variety of colors to match your school, camp, etc…colors.

Structural Composite Lumber Color Options Available*:

Structural Composite Lumber is a special order item available for all models.*Cost is based on pit model, lumber color choice, factory countersinking & drilling and ship-to location. Lumber is shipped direct from the factory. If interested in finding out more, please call
Coach Cliff at 877-266-8426 for a material cost and shipping estimate.

Customize Your Pit

Customize Corner Brackets

Corner Brackets

Hunter Green is the most popular bracket color and is always available on all models. If you want to match the colors of your school, camp, etc... we offer: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark Brown, Black and Hunter Green on the Oct 30H models only.

We can also suggest fun ways to use colors or further customize your pit. Give us a call to check availability at 877-266-8426

Add Your Accessories

Quick Connect Kit

Gaga Ball Pit Quick Connect Kit

All of our GaGa Ball Pit models can be built as portable as you need them to be. With the use of our Quick Connect Kit, you can set up a GaGa Ball Pit in minutes. Just set the pit walls together and spin the hand knobs to tighten. Perfect for PE class, day camps, events, etc... that require frequent set up and take down. Designed for use with lighter weight wood options like plywood and 1"x10" or 1"x12" lumber, also making it easy to transport walls.

Octagon 30H Octagon 24H Hexagon 30H Hexagon 24H
Quantity Required 8 8 6 6
Total Cost $192 $168 $144 $126

Wall Top Cover

Customize Wall Top Cover

Wall top covers provide a softer top edge to pit walls and used to cover any rough spots on the lumber surface. Made of durable UV protected Polyethylene.
Includes zip ties for attaching and easy to follow instructions. When ordering, let us know your wall length and if you are planning to make any cut-out openings. Colors: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. Wall top covers are $22 per wall.

ADA Doorway Kit

ADA Doorway Kit

Our ADA Doorway Kit provides easy access in and out of the pit. Available in Hunter Green and on 30H models. It's easy to attach to a new or existing pit. Kit includes:
2 door jambs (right and left), wood door (assembled) and hinges, latch, fasteners and instructions. Doorway opening is 36" wide. Staking fasteners are not included due to the the variety of surfaces the pit can be built upon. Staking or tacking the jambs is recommended. Be sure to choose the best staking fastener for your application. One ADA Doorway Kit is $350.

Assembly Instruction & Toolkit

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  • Step 1: After you purchased your lumber, double check board length and mark holes
  • Step 2: Countersink holes. Click here to view video.
  • Step 3: Drill holes
  • Step 4 & 5: Attach boards
  • Step 6: Tighten all bolts and check for any sharp edges or splinters and file down
  • Click HERE to print out or view detailed  ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS
  • Step 7 (optional): If you want to build cut-outs, please mention when ordering and we will include another set of easy-to-follow instructions. Cut-outs are typically used for the 30H models, and included with 30H orders. For the 24H models, instructions are available upon request.

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