Octagon Shaped Pits

Octagon Shaped Pits

Octagon Shaped Pits
Octagon Shaped Pits
Octagon Shaped Pits

Our most popular and largest size GaGa Ball Pit System

The most popular choice for schools, camps, campgrounds and other larger groups.  In the game of GaGa, bigger interior play space is not always better.  We recommend building with 8ft walls to allow for a quick moving, competitive game — keeping players engaged whether playing or watching.

Like all our GaGa Ball pits, you have the option to build any wall length that fits your space and budget.  Should you need to accommodate wheelchairs – 10ft walls are an option for additional interior play space.

The Octagon bracket systems come in 24″, 30” or 44” heights.

All Octagon Bracket Systems come with:
8- patented powder coated steel corner brackets
Pit Fastener Pack (bolts, washers and nuts)
Hole Drill Template
Pit Assembly Instructions

The 44H and 30H models include cut-out templates to allow for easy access in and out of the GaGa Ball pit.  Cut-out templates are available upon request for the 24H model.

If you are looking to build a pit that can be set up and taken down each day and stored when not in use — check out our QUICK CONNECT accessories.

NOTE: All lumber, with the exception of our STRUCTURAL COMPOSITE BOARD option, needs to be purchased separately from your local home improvement/ lumber store and is not included in the kit.

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