Ground Surfaces

GaGa Ball Pits Ground Surfaces

There are many different ground surfaces to build your GaGa Ball Pit on. Decisions are typically based on cost and performance of the surface.  Installation and ease of maintenance are also factors.

Below provides a quick summary of benefits and considerations for some popular choices:

  • A light layer of soft mulch works to help keep the dirt/mud somewhat insulated. As the mulch degrades, you can add more as needed.  It is inexpensive, but not completely clean, nor does it keep things dry inside the GaGa Ball Pit.
  • Sand is another option, good for camps and resorts, but not always preferred by schools or venues requiring shoes, as it can get inside your shoes and potentially fly up with the ball.
  • Crushed limestone or crushed granite screening starts off dusty, but packs down to create a more solid surface.  It is also a good way to insulate against the mud, when packed down over time, it may create new puddling areas.


If you are looking for a cleaner option than those mentioned above, we supply two different Rubber Flooring options. Click below for more information on each.


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