About GaGa Ball

About GaGa Ball

GaGa Ball is believed to have originated in Israel, in the 1950’s. ‘Ga’ means “hit” or “touch” in Hebrew.  In the rules of GaGa Ball, the ball must touch the ground two times before it is considered in play, hence the name.  The object of the game is to hit the ball at or below opponents’  knees to eliminate them from the pit.  The last one left in the GaGa Ball pit is the winner. Then, a new game starts all over and everyone jumps back in!

What makes GaGa Ball great is that players of any size, age, or athletic ability can basically have the same chance to win as anybody else.  Games generally last only minutes, and eliminated players are back in the action quickly.  Once a player is out, they can have as much fun watching and cheering while the other players finish the game.

About Coach Cliff

About GaGa Ball Pits & Coach Cliff

Coach Cliff first discovered his passion for GaGa Ball at a daddy/daughter campout. He was amazed that kids of all ages and their parents could participate in a game that had lots of movement and exercise, while maintaining great competition, fun and excitement for everyone involved.

As a game that’s great for any group size and skill level, Coach Cliff saw GaGa Ball as a way to bring parents, kids and communities together.

So, why didn’t GaGa Ball become more popular sooner? Well, not everyone was familiar with the game in the United States. And even if they were, building their own GaGa pit from scratch would be a challenge for most Do-It-Yourselfers.

Coach Cliff knew there had to be a way to spread his knowledge and excitement of GaGa Ball with people all over the world. He went to work designing and creating a durable, portable and affordable bracket system, along with easy-to-follow instructions that make a GaGa Ball Pit simple to build. And he pulled together a preferred set of basic rules as a good starting point for quickly learning GaGa Ball. They’re simple enough for everyone to learn and allow players to add their own variations as they become more familiar with the game.

There’s no other recreational activity that creates the same excitement, enthusiasm and good-natured fun,” says Coach Cliff. That’s why he’s made it his business to become the GaGa Ball ‘Coach’, or expert, and the most dependable source for all things GaGa Ball. Want to know more? Give Coach Cliff a call. He’ll answer your questions and talk with you about building your pit, what materials to use, game rules or ideas on how to get one in your community. Because, if there’s anything he loves as much as playing GaGa Ball, it’s helping others get involved in GaGa Ball and sharing the passion.