Coach Cliff’s GaGa Ball Pits FAQs

What’s included in a Coach Cliff’s GaGa Ball Pits Bracket System?

All corner brackets, fasteners, templates and instructions are included. Each model uses common size lumber that most suppliers have in stock or can supply. You purchase your own lumber locally to keep overall cost and shipping as low as possible. We do offer a full range of Structural Composite Lumber for our systems – see the FAQ information below.

How easy is it to assemble a Coach Cliff’s GaGa Ball Pit?

Assembly is easy. It’s basically marking your holes with the supplied template, drilling the holes and bolting them together. If you want to build ‘Cut-Out’ openings, our templates and instructions are supplied with the 30H Models and available upon request for 24H models. Plus, we are just a phone call away if you have any questions.

If looking for even easier assembly…we can build your GaGa Ball Pit complete and ship it (palletized), please contact Coach Cliff for more details.

Is there an alternative to wood/lumber?

Yes, we supply a high quality Structural Composite Lumber. The hole countersinking & drilling can be completed at the factory to save you time. The composite lumber offered by Coach Cliff’s is different than the composite you can get at a home improvement store. Most home improvement centers supply a grade of composite that is not intended to be structural. Those types of composites work fine for decks supported by braces, but not to be used horizontally, in 8ft sections and without a lot of bracing. Our composite lumber option is structural, made of recycled plastic and mixed with fiberglass strands for strength, and backed with a solid warranty. It works well for the GaGa Ball Pit walls and can also be recycled in the future. Contact us for a detailed quote.

What is the difference between permanent, semi-portable and portable?

All of our models can be as permanent or as portable as you want- each are fast and easy to assemble or disassemble.

Semi-portable pits can be built with permanence intended, with the advantage of being able to take apart or move if needed. And, if any of the lumber needs to be replaced in the future, you just unbolt the wood from the brackets and swap out for new pieces, so even your ‘permanent’ GaGa Ball Pit can be serviced or moved if ever the need arises.

Portability may be important if using for PE Classes, Day Camps, Youth Groups, etc…in which you need to assemble and disassemble your pit frequently. Simply add our Quick Connect Kit (formerly known as Portability Brackets). This kit makes it fast and easy to connect the walls together. Simply spin the threaded hand knobs on or off to connect/disconnect the walls without the need for any tools. Setting up the GaGa Ball Pit takes just a couple minutes.

What’s the best way to store or move the permanent/semi-permanent GaGa Ball Pit?

If you want to store or move the permanent/semi-portable pit without taking it apart board by board, you can use a brace (1×2 wood strip) on left side of each wall, attaching it with several screws to all the wall boards. We call this the ‘brace method’. This method holds the lumber together on that left side. Leave the metal corner bracket attached on the other side (right side). Remove the fasteners on the braced side and place in a bag or box for future use. Now, each of your walls become and individual piece. Move the individual walls wherever they need to be stored. When ready to set back up, simply place the walls together one by one and bolt them back together. All holes will line up as when it was taken apart.

Which pit shape should I choose – Octagon or Hexagon?

Large groups such as schools, camps and/or anywhere there is a consistent flow of players, usually prefer the Octagon (8 walls) models since they will fit more players. Smaller groups, residential/back yards, or where space is limited is a great fit for the Hexagon (6 walls) models. A Hexagon can be made larger by using longer boards (10ft boards instead of 8ft.)

What wall heights are available?

Optimal heights are either 30” or 24”. For easily getting over the walls, we suggest building the ‘cut-outs’ on the 30H Models. We also offer a ADA Doorway Kit for wheelchair accessibility (available for the 30H models only). The 30H models are popular when being set up outside and as a more permanent structure.

The 24H models tend to be more popular when being set up as a portable system. But all models can, and are used both ways, portable and permanent/semi portable. If looking for portability the Quick Connect Kits are available for all 24H and 30H models.

We now offer a new size – Octagon 44H for those that want a very high wall. This is intended for the more elaborate GaGa Ball Arena settings. Contact us for more information on the new Octagon 44H.

What type of surface should I build the GaGa Ball Pit on?

A wide variety of surfaces will work for your GaGa Ball Pit. Choose from: setting the pit on a solid pavement such as asphalt or concrete, or place it on the grass/bare ground. When placing on the ground we suggest creating a barrier so it doesn’t get too dusty or muddy. You can do this by using: playground mulch, rubber mulch, pea gravel, sand, crushed limestone, granite or other aggregates. Or consider rubber, artificial turf or plastic floor tiles. The choice is ultimately based on your specific needs, material availability and available budget.

Is there a special ball to play the game with?

As with any physical game, it is important to use the right equipment and common sense, including not get too aggressive while playing.

Use a lightweight, inflatable vinyl ball and an open palm when hitting it. This will actually improve your aim and accuracy on your shots being taken, and it will be easier to make the ball move fast across the pit.  A heavier ball may require you to hit the ball with a closed fist, or to punch the ball to get faster movement; resulting in a missed hit on the ball and/or unplanned contact with the ground (sort of like a bad golf swing, but with your hand), or another player.  When possible avoid collisions of hands and body with other players.  If someone else is going after the ball, that’s a good time to move into blocking or defense mode.  Then hit the ball when it’s clear and you have a shot.

Also, be sure to wear appropriate shoes for the type of surface you are playing on.

Any other questions – please call or email us!