30H Hexagon GaGa Ball Pit


Gaga Ball Pit Bracket System: 6-Hex 30H Brackets, Hole Drill Template, Assembly Instructions, Fastener Pack and Cut-Out templates and instructions


The 30H Hexagon GaGa Ball Pit system is a slightly smaller version of our most popular model, great for smaller groups and spaces.

The UV protected, powder coated steel corner brackets create the correct angles to align the pit walls – making assembly easy! You determine the wall length based on the number of players, space available to build and budget.

For an outdoor, semi-permanent GaGa Ball pit, you need:

Planned Wall Length Lumber* Needed Approx. Interior Diameter
8ft 18 – 2x10x8ft boards 14.5ft
10ft 18 – 2x10x10ft boards 18ft

NOTE: If looking for a lighter weight, more portable GaGa Ball Pit, CLICK HERE.

System Includes:

  • 6-patented powder coated steel corner brackets
  • Available Color: HUNTER GREEN
  • Pit Fastener Pack (nuts, bolts and screws) for 2″x 10″ lumber
  • Hole Drill Template
  • Pit Assembly Instructions
  • Cut-out Opening Templates & Instructions

If you are looking for portability — you have the option to add the UNIVERSAL CONNECT KIT to the GaGa Ball pit system.


30H Hexagon GaGa Ball Pit delivers unassembled and in 2 separate boxes measuring 36”x 18”x 6” each.

NOTE: All lumber, with the exception of our STRUCTURAL COMPOSITE BOARD option, needs to be purchased separately from your local home improvement/ lumber store and is not included in the kit.

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Weight 90 lbs


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